The Milwaukee Fitness Collective wants to give credit where credit is due. Here is a list of all the partnerships in place to help see the success of the group. Working in collaboration with other businesses is the energy that is driving these partnerships.

Nick Urso & Jeff Van Kampen Owners of UvK Media

Uvk Media is a team of digital storytellers. We’re made up of fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries who have experience building and growing businesses online. Passion and impact is the fuel that keeps our team’s fire running into the wee hours of the night. Our team is driven by seeing life again in our client’s faces. The greatest moment is when a client shows up the happiest we’ve ever seen them and they share how we changed their life forever. UvK Media doesn’t sell services and we don’t have employees. We are family from every aspect.

Elliot Rashad Owner of Elliot K

I'm a drone pilot, violinist, and freelance digital marketer who supports a healthy lifestyle. Working with the Milwaukee Fitness Collective has been a great opportunity to combine many of my interests into one and to help people have variety in their fitness goals. I'm excited to connect with like minded people and see how we can collaborate together.

Tanner Van Dera Owner of

I'm Tanner Van Dera - A designer, entrepreneur, and visionary based out of Milwaukee. I strive to create beautiful digital experiences which elevate brands, engage audiences, and simplify the web.