The Milwaukee Fitness Collective is pushing fitness in Milwaukee forward. We are erasing boundaries. We are setting the new standard. And we are collectively changing the way you will view health & fitness. We are collaborating for you. To help you find your fitness home.

Jeffrey Winzenried Owner of Monkey Bar Gym Milwaukee

I'm an Entrepreneur to my core. I took the leap of faith to start my business, Impact Ultra Fitness LLC in January of 2009. That led me to partnering with muiltiple gyms and businesses throughout the city. Then in 2011 I opened Monkey Bar Gym Milwaukee which has fueld my passion to help people achieve their health & fitness goals. This is exactly what keeps me going, and gets me up in the morning. I have over 20 years of sports & fitness experience, so I know what it takes to go after a goal and achieve it. I strive for excellence in everything that I do. I only expect the same and the best from my staff and our amazing members. I am excited to see all the possiblities and opportunities the Milwaukee Fitness Collective will bring to the community.

Jon Friedland Owner of Neutral Ground

Jon is the head instructor and 3rd degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with over 25 years experience. He is an Army Vet, UWM Engineering Graduate, and proud new father of 2 beautiful children.

Ambrose WB Owner of MISPIBO Fitness & Online Health Coach

Ambrose is a fitness and health coach (not one or the other, but both). He’s currently working with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) to implement mindfulness programming for students, staff, and parents for stress-management with Y.E.S. for Schools (Youth Empowerment Seminar). The most caring trainer you’ll meet, Ambrose WB is a Personal Trainer, writer, teacher, coach, and mentor. He’s been blogging since 2010, has built one of Milwaukee’s Best Fitness companies (MISPIBO Fitness), and has worked with over 2,500 clients through his services and programs – personal training, boot camps, Fit City MKE, War Champ, Slim Down, and online coaching. As a business strategist, Ambrose has collaborated with people and companies like Snap Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Berni Xiong, Amy Clover, and Black Marmalade. He’s been featured in the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee Magazine, WISN 12 News, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and his content reaches thousands of people every month.

Terence Lynch Founder of Plant-Based Nutrition Organization of Wisconsin

Over five years ago I was on vacation and just finished eating a steak, milkshake, and delicious piece of cherry pie ala mode at a restaurant in Door County, WI. After getting back to the hotel, I opened up my brand new iPad and watched Youtube for the first time. I stumbled across a series of videos that talked about the benefits of eating a Plant-Based Diet, and as I was digesting my meal, I began to feel an instant change that motivated me to eliminate all animal-based foods out of my diet “cold-turkey.”

In January 2018, I harnessed the motivation I have for connecting eating Plant-Based to health. I started a group that would help, inspire, educate, and support people who were curious, interested, or already following the plant-based eating approach. The Plant-Based Nutrition Organization of Wisconsin (PBNOW) is open to all walks of life and all ages. We welcome your curiosity, questions, and eagerness for wanting to learn more about how to change your eating-health path.

Brandon Culpepper Owner of PeppNation Sports Leadership Camps

My name is Brandon Culpepper, former football player now playing Rugby in NYC for New York Athletic Club. I also run a company called PeppNation where I help kids get into college through athletics. I love life and the work I am doing in the community.

Dr. Scott Glidden Owner of Select Spine & Sport

Dr. Scott Glidden is the head chiropractor at Select Spine and Sport. He earned his BS in Kinesiology from Indiana University-Bloomington in 2008 and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2011. He has been continuously looking for the most effective and objective method to improve the lives of others, which eventually led him to utilizing the Integrative Diagnosis system in 2016 . Dr. Scott currently resides in Milwaukee with his dog, Stanley. He enjoys running, cycling, soccer, volleyball, music, and traveling.